Mar 9 07 Soul Supper feat. Wayne Cochran

More insanity for Ya - If this show doesnt move ya, You are probably DEAD!
A Soul Supper Spectacular for you. And featuring an interview with Wayne Cochran!!!
The White Knight of Soul!!- as interviewed by Dave the Rave on the Relics and Rarities show.

These last 3 or 4 shows Ive been pretty moody and when Im moody I do my best shows and talk crazy and reveal too
much about myself. LOL - But people tell me they like it cause they feel I am their friend. Not many radio guys do this -especially
not on the bigger stations. I get away with murder around here so they just let me go off on my tangents.
I notice a lot more women are listening and even making requests. So I try to make it a little softer sometimes and throw
in a lot of songs with special feelings in them. Everyone seems to take what they need out of it. They feel some shows are just for them.
And of course , I do it for the Crystal Jukebox Queen.

Something Wild - Trippin Out
Moody Blues - Lovely to See you Again My Friend #*
New York Rock & Roll Ensemble - I'm Sending A Friend To You *
Barclay James Harvest - Ursula (Swansea Song) #*
Nay dog ( Nat Mayer) promo
Nathaniel Mayer - I found out
Jimmy Reed - Funky Funky Soul
Wayne Cochran story
Wayne Cochran - Going Back To Miami
Wayne Cochran - Last Kiss
Wayne Cochran - No Rest for the Wicked
Wayne Cochran Interview with Dave the Rave
Wayne Cochran - The Coo
Tommy James - Church St. Soul Revival
J J Grey & Mofro - The Sun Is Shining Down [ -awesome new record]
story about my first radio show
Larry Norman- Why Should the Devil have all the good music?
deep thoughts - LOL
Mandala - Opportunity
Jackie Shane - Any Other Way*
Rolling Stones - Good Times *
Irma Thomas - Ruler of My Heart*
Carla Thomas -Daughter , You're Still Your Daddy's Child *
more dedications and self revelations
Jake Holmes - Orphan
Billy Harner - Homicide Dresser#
Mitch Ryder - Breakout
Mitch Ryder - Shakin' with Linda
Coffy movie trailer
William Patton - Don't Be So Mean
Joe Tex - You Said a Bad Word
TransAtlantics - Don't Fight It, Feel It
Billy Ball & the Upsetters - Tighten Up Tighter
Slaughter movie trailer
me and Scott yakking
McKendree Spring - Friends Die Easy