Sept 28 06

FINALLY!!!! True Hi Fi Stereo!! This show is top notch quality
as it should be heard- right off the boards! Hopefully I can
continue to do this unless someone is using Studio B at the time.

Mark Eric - Move to the Dawn
Majestics - Here come da Judge
The Loot - She's a Winner
Lo Borges - Voce Fica Melhor Assim
Easybeats - Land of Make Believe
Fever Tree- Ninety - Nine and a Half(just won't do )
Man Made - Carnival
Mainhorse - Passing Years
Archies - Who's gonna love me
Cuff Links - Sally Ann (You're Such a Pretty Baby)
Blue Orchids - OO Chang a Lang
Chubby Checker - she's a hippy
Phil Ochs - Ringing of Revolution
Iron Butterfly - Soul Experience -
Grafitti - Girl on fire
Lucifer Was - out of the Blue