Sept 23 06

A long track show featuring rare prog and psych
My Dad would have been 90 yrs old today if he were still alive
May He rest in Peace

Samurai feat Miki Curtis- Eagle's Eye
Chimo - Cross Country Man
Simply Saucer - Mole Machine
Bodkin - Aftur Your Lumber
Bob Dylan - Desolation Row
Greatest Show on Earth - Sunflower Morning
Cold Coffee - Flying High
Cosmic Dealer - Child of the Golden Sun
Ultimate Spinach - Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse
Ladies WC -Put that in your pipe and smoke it
Unicorn - Something to say
Purple Image - Living in the Ghetto
Strangelands - Part one; the country
Billy TK & the Human Instinct- Railway and Gun
Old Man & the Sea - Roll the Dice
Vanilla Fudge- You can't do that
Coke spot- VF
Cape Kennedy Construction Co.- Armageddon
Electric Amish- Farmageddon
Grannie - Colored Armageddon
Beat of the Earth - Our Standard 3 min tune #2
Tractor - Lost on the Ocean
Brainticket - Era of Technology
A New Place to Live- The Dream Stage
Glass Harp- Just Always