Sept 21 06

Had several calls in the studio- people must have liked this show.
Featuring my new John Prine promo and some killer Canadian stuff.

Three Ring Circus excerpt- Blue Magic
The Ricketts -Action Painting
XTRA- Sounds Inside My Head
Sonics - Walkin' the Dog
The Loot - Radio City
Plasticland - Mink Dress
Wishful Thinking - Turning Round
Unknown Killer Psych Band- Slow Down (thanks to Tim Cass)
Cindy & Bert - Der Hund von Baskervilles (Paranoid)
Gerhard Dlugi - Gloria
Gary Lewis & the Playboys - Neighbourhood Rock & Roll Band
Glass Sun - Oh Sandy
The Enchanted Forest - You're Never Going to get my love (going out to
Hi Fi Tim because that's what every girl says to him)-great sunshine pop
John Prine promo
John Prine - Everybody
John Prine promo
*Silver Chalice Revue - Soul Drifting
*Mandala - Opportunity
Hoppi and the Beau Heems - so Hard
*Lighthouse - No Opportunity Necessary