Sept 19 07

Too bad to hear about Bobby Byrd's death. We start off the show with some great soul funk by Bobby, who was instrumental in getting James Brown's career going.
Remember if there is something you want to hear on the show please email me
This show also features a great song by my old friend Billy Kell and the Creamcheese Goodtime Band. I get a little choked up.


Bobby Byrd - Funky Soul
- I Need help --with James Brown
Shades Ltd - Froghunt on the Moon
Fairfield Parlour - In My Box--pardon the cd skipping
Jackpots - Jack in the Box
Troggs - Interview with Reg Presley
- I Can't Control Myself
- Little Green Apples
- Miller Beer
- Feels Like a Woman
Geordie - House of the Rising Sun
Flat Earth Society - Feeling Much Better
- Four and Twenty Miles
Kate - Strange Girl
Ken Nordine - Olive
Luke & the Apostles - You Make Me High
Creamcheese Goodtime Band - Living Without You - featuring my old friend Billy Kell
Eggs Over Easy - Party , Party
Electric Amish - Come Together (and Build A Barn)
Kaleidoscope (mexican) - Hang Out
Krokodil - get Your Personality Together
Monkees - Hendrix Detroit Concert
Hendrix- You Got Me Floating
Monkees- various clips
- When Love Comes Knockin at your door
The Ruins - She Doesn't Understand
Prodigal - Reality
Philamore Lincoln -The North Wind Blew South