Sept 8 06

A 3 hr show with a nice hour of Sunshine pop and bubblegum
for you fans that have been requesting more of this.-and some great
Freakbeat tracks - Dont miss this show! No show next week
Sept 15 because I am at the John Prine show. However, my regular show
will return Sept 21 as well as another 3 hr prog rock and guitar freakout
special on Sat nite from 11 -2 pm Sept 23 on CKMS

The Bucket - I cant help dreaming of you
Eyes of the Beacon St. Union -Green Destroys the Gold
Eagle- We Got a Good thing goin'
Motherlode - Been So Long
Natural gas - What Do You Want from my life
Fraternity of Man - O no I don't believe it
Al Stewart - My Enemies have sweet voices
Brunning Sunflower Blues Band - Bob's Boogie
Brunning - " -I wish You Would
Rory Gallagher - Dont Know where I'm goin'
james Brown - Like it is, like it was
Robbs - Last of the Wine
Charles E funk rebellion- Its gonna be the death of you
Bill Cosby with the Meters - Dope pusher
Thrashing Butterflies - Poor Boy, Happy Boy
the Seeds - the wind blows your hair
Krokodil - Youre still a part of me
McCoys - human Ball Blues
Michael nesmith - Rainmaker
Soft Soul Transition - I'm a Believer
Steel River - Seems theyre out to get ya
Donovan promo- Pied Piper
Donovan - the Sun is a very magical fellow
Gordian Knot - The Year of the sun
Peppermint Trolley - Baby You come rollin across my mind
Tommy Roe - Moon Talk
Blades of Grass - Just Ah
Nathaniel Mayer - You Gotta Work
Billy Mack - Son of a Lover
Savoy Brown - Everybody loves a drinking man
Ringo Starr - Some People
Kurt & Noah - Like a Rolling stone
Wright of Waye - You can't do it alone
Inside Out - Morning sun
The Imagination - We got fun
Peter Best - Carousel of Love
Pete Best promo
Lt. Garcia's Magic Music Box - the La La Song
Saturday Morning Cartoon Show - Hayride
Jon & the In Crowd- Save Me, Save Me
Derek - Sell your Soul
Salvation - Getting my Hat
Souls of Inspyration- Of Lambs and Wolves
Colin Blunstone- I want some more
harvey Scales - Love-i-tis
Groundhogs - Death of the sun
Family - Burlesque
Dictators - Diseased
The Master Plan - feat Andy Shernoff from the Dictators- What's Up with that?