sept 5 07 Back to school

A lot of fun tunes - had a great time doing it! Just a silly show with a school theme.

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Daddy Cool - School days
Bob and Doug Mckenzie- Announcements
Ramones - Rock n Rool High School
Surrey's Clothes
Gene Summers - School of Rock n Roll
Charles Page & the Rockin' Aces - You Been to School
School for Unclaimed Girls
doghouse call from my wife
message from James Brown
Peppermint Circus - School Daze
Willie & the Red Rubber Band - School of Hard Knocks
cleaning crew up to no good
Big Star - Thirteen
Jan & Dean - New Girl in School
Big Star - September Girls
Onion News - Film School
Watermelon Slim & Psychedelic Pete
Oldies 1090 CKKW clip- Psychedelic Snack- Russian Seamstress
Hello - Another School Day
Attack - School Daze
Mindbenders - School Girl
Troubled teens
Simon & Garfunkel (Tom & Jerry) - Hey Schoolgirl
Male M1 shop - in Chicago
Feelgoods - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Larry Williams - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
J. Geils - Homework
Mindbenders - Homework
Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders - Coke
visit from Stevie Wonder -LOL -- I really need to start practicing again- - been about 30 yrs since I really practiced
Jake Holmes - High School Hero
Dean Carter - School Work
Jerry Blavat - One More time Back to School
Nikki Corvette - High School
R. Dean Taylor - We Met at a High school Dance
Lee Danson - High School Hop
Smoke Rings - High School Love
Gary Usher - Skippin' School
Hasil Adkins - Carry Your Books From School