Sept 03 08

This is one of my very best shows this year. I go into a bit of an informative rant on the British Psychedelic Scene during the middle of the show. Also I feature the 2nd Captain Beyond album as well as some great garage and psych tunes. I must warn you that it is recorded a bit on the loud side so it is slightly distorted in parts, but nothing too distracting.

Capt. Beyond - Sufficiently Breathless
-Starglow Energy
- Everything's a Circle
Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs - I See the Rain
Kool Cigarettes
The Soul Vend - Get Out of my Eye
Lindy Blaskey & The LaVells - You Ain't Tuff
Sound Explosion - Hangover Baby
Chevy Camaro
Joyride - Crystal Ship
The Pineapple Heard - Valleri (feat. Ed Wool)
*Tintern Abbey - Vacuum Cleaner
*The End - Shades of Orange
*Turquoise - Woodstock
*The Fairytale - Guess I Was Dreaming
*Felius Andromeda - Meditations
Left Banke - Coke
Kinks - Last of the Steam Powered Trains
The Pirates - Cuttin' Out
*British Psych feature tunes