Sep 24 2011

A bunch of freaky whacked out tunes mostly which portray the spirit of my radio show many years ago. Some long extended
freaked out trippy tunes whch I have never played before . Come to think of it; this is a totally original show because I havent
played any of these tunes the last 27 years except maybe for the Dirty Blues Band. Lie back and enjoy!

Deviled Ham - I had too much to dream last night/ Rosemary's Baby/ The Raven
Wigwam - How to Make it Big in Hospital
Mothers of Invention - Motherly Love
Waterloo -Guy in the Neighbourhood
Wailing Wall - Guy in the Neighbourhood
Pink Fairies - Walk Don't Run
Undisputed Truth - I Saw You when You Met Her
Dirty Blues band - Bring it on Home
The Up - Together
Ursa Major -Liberty & Justice
Love - Revelation
Dog Soldier - Yoou Are My Spark
United States of America - Garden of Earthly Delights
Dies Irae - Another Room