Sep 17 2011

Beach Boys - The Shift
Beatles - Savoy truffle

girl set
the Red Button - Girl Don't
The Minus Five - The Girl I Never Met
Beatles - Girl
Thanes of Cawdor - Hey Girl
intelligent vegetable talk

great rockin set comin up here
James Gang - Take A Look Around
Grand Funk Railroad - Got This Thing on the Move
MC5 - Baby Won't Ya
Blue Cheer - Second Time Around
Electric Prunes - Luvin'
Strawberry Alarm Clock - Pass time with SAC
Blues Magoos - Gloria

great blues set
Slim Harpo - I'm a King Bee
Howlin' Wolf - Goin' down Slow
The Animals - Gin House Blues

Blonde on Blonde - Happy Families
Frijid Pink - Drivin' Blues
Blackwood Apoplogy - Here I Am

ok- here is a 20 minute prog rock monster opus never played on my show before
Irmin's Way - Opus;Destroy

The Bigroup - Big Hammer (instr)
The Executioners - I Want the Rain (instr)
Powers of Blue - You Blow My Mind (instr)