Sep 10 2011

We start off with a back to school theme, then turn the spotlight on a few guitarists as well as some discussion about
rumours surrounding them, before heading into the vast corridor of rare bands which we usually feature. I'm sure there will be
a few delights along the way for most of you who regularly tune in looking for those strange sounds.
One thing I must warn you about is that my mike seemed to be very low so when Commander John and I are talking,
you will have to turn the volume up.

Gene Summers - School of Rock n' Roll
Gene Summers - Straight Skirt
Charles Page & the Rockin' Aces - Baby , You Been To School
talk about Harvey Mandel
Charlie Musselwhite - Baby Will You Please Help Me
talk about Phil Keaggy
Glass Harp - Can You See Me?
New Hudson Exit - Waiting For Her
talk about Hendrix and Phil - basically we found out later it was just a common rumour
Rock Island - Runnin' Through My Mind
Rock Island - Won't You Stay Another Day
Nick Garrie - Deeper Shades of Blue
Nine Days Wonder - Fermillon
Tea Company - You keep Me Hangin' On
Bush - I Miss You
Grant Smith & the Power - Her Own Life
Bryan Hyland - Kinda Groovy
Johnny Rivers - Summer Rain
Lemon Pipers - Love Beads & Meditations
The Bachelors - Three O'Clock Flamingo Street
The Human Beast - Reality Presented As An Alternative
The Hook - Dr. B. & His Friends
The Human Expression - Who Is Burning?
Last Straw - When August Breaks
Rare Bird - Beautiful Scarlet
Stackridge - The Last Plimsoul