Sep 03 2011

Surprise Vinyl Party!!

The premise for this show was to dig up some lp's out of my collection that I have never heard yet. I used to buy tons of vinyl
and never got arouond to playing it. So I thought let's let the listeners experience what it is like coming over to my
house for a few beers and discovering new tunes out of the vaults. This is often what I do when I have John or other musical friends over.

The only problem with doing an all vinyl show was that the turntables are placed too far away from the board and the cueing
buttons were working intermittently. So a few times I couldn't keep the smooth flow going and there were some
awkward startups because i didn't cue correctly. Other than that the show was surprisingly GREAT! I thought we would
hear a lot of crap but most of the tunes fit quite well into my regular format. The last song by the Bells was the
worst cover of Lightfoot I have ever heard . But other than that I was pleased. And the sound from vinyl is very warm, especially on
those German Krautrock records because the recordings and vinyl were superior.

Hope you have fun listening like we did

Houston Fearless - Mr. Soul
The Road - Dance to the Music
The Road - Mr. Soul
Peace & Quiet - Looney Tunes
Buckwheat - Eleanor Rigby
Paper Bubble - Mother Mother Mother
The End - Jacob's Ladder/Introspection Pt. 2 ==Jacobs Ladder is the talking segment followed by introspection a psych pop thing
- didnt really explain it - I have played this before but from the cd.

Emergency - Get Out to the Country
Thirsty Moon - BIg City

Sammy - Give Me More - feat sax player from Audience
Bloontz - The Joke's On You - feat guys who went on to Back Street Crawler with Paul Kosoff
Cross Country - Cross Country --- title track of 1973 lp from former Tokens members--** great lp- my biggest surprise of the night
Cross Country - Midnight Hour
Osibisa - Survival - fantastic psych soul funk
The Crawling Walls - One Last Kiss - organ driven garage
Ruthann Friedmann - Fairy Prince Rainbow Man - psych folk from the lady who wrote the hit " Windy"
Novac - 1st Word - strange lp = very rare
Chelsea Beige - In Search of the Hole - another surprise for me- these guys were great musicians
The Bells - Lightfoot Medley-- Being hitmakers I thought this would be good- MY GOD! They just BUTCHER it! Gord should have had this record pulled! LOLLLLL

Well there you have it. HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE TRIP!!!!!!!!!