Over the Edge 2 - April 15 06

This is my second fill in show for these guys, who do a contemporary
Christian Rock show--of course I bring my early Christian stuff and
stick in the psychedelic period mostly. This stuff is among the most
highly collectable vinyl in the world. I started out doing a couple of
Christian Rock shows on CKWR in the 70's. Even had a taped interview
with Larry Norman back then. It didnt go so well as I was only 22 and
didnt know how to interview that well. I even had to have Larry
show me how to work the Nagra tape machine that I had borrowed. LOL

1. John Ylvisaker - The Man for Me
2. Last Call of Shiloh - Marriage Supper of the Lamb
3. Larry Norman - One Way
4. Rev. Dan Smith - God's Radar
5. Magic Bubble - I'm Alive
6. Knights of the New Crusade -Sympathy for Jesus
7. Search Party - All But This
8. Moonrakers -He's a Comin' Lord
9. Randy Matthews - Which side are you on?
10. Glass Harp - I'm going Home
11. Ressurection Band (Rez) - Waves
12. Love Song - Since I Opened Up the Door
13. Larry Norman -Moses in the Wilderness
14. Wilson McKinley - Crown of Glory
15. John Ylvisaker -Palm Sunday