Oct 8 2010

OK !! Tonight we get it on! A lot of you have requested some Canadian garage and psych stuff so I picked out some of my
faves! Also I literally get it on with Rita in the studio- check it out! Also a couple of baseball related songs and check
out rare bands Baxter and Elder Kindred - a real treat for you progressively minded people!!

Canadian Garage Faves
Dave Byngham - Ugly Ducklings
Ugly Ducklings - Just in Case You Wonder
The Collectors - I Must've Been Blind
Guess Who - Clock on the Wall
The Haunted - 1-2-5

Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck - One Ring Jane
Plastic Cloud - Shadows of Your Mind
Paupers - Magic People
Checkerlads - Shake Yourself Down

guest appearance by Rita the lovely meter maid during our talk segment

Jon & Lee & the Checkmates - Bring it Down Front
Jon Finley promo
Threads of Fybre - Mama
Chicago Sect - She's Not There
Ronnie Raines Chain match
Bobby Patterson - Don't Be So Mean
Detroit 9000
Wiley Terry - Follow the Leader pts 1 & 2

Fallen Angels - Look at the Wind
Goddard High School Stage Band - In-a-Gadda-da-Vida

Rockin' Ritchie Ray - Baseball Card Lover
Danny O'Keefe - Mad Ruth, the Babe

ok bear with me this set- about 3 minutes of silence here- I walked out of the studio and we had tech difficulties
Reg Presley of the Troggs - BBC
Wild thing Story
With a girl like You
Big Star - My Life is Right

Baxter - Can't Find the Time
Elder Kindred - Playing to You

Nattura - Out of the Darkness
Thompson's Organ Donation
Glass Keys - Workshop of my Mind

Eclection - In Her Mind (feat. Trevor Lucas of Fairport Convention)
Bar- Kays - Knucklehead