Oct 7 08

Hey!! A KILLER show! Too bad it was recorded too loud though. Sometimes I don't get the settings right and I can't monitor the recording , so it gets a bit distorted at times. But other than that - a great show! Lots of far out psych stuff tonight as well as garage, novelty and pop.

Hypnomen- Stone Free (from Finland feat. my buddy Pekka Laine)
Ian Paice
Phil osophy - Voodoo Child
Savage Grace - All Along the Watchtower
Fess Parker - Ballad of Davy Crockett (he was the actor who played both Davey and Daniel Boone)
Dyke and the Blazers - Funky Broadway
Muddy Waters - You Need Love
Soxx Spotlight - Crossfires - One Potato, Two Potato
Sonics - Shot Down
Los Macs - f.m. y cia ??? from Aitor in Spain ( a listener)
Outsiders - Lost in my World (Cleveland feat. Sonny Geraci)
Outsiders - Daddy Died on Saturday ( Holland feat. Wally Tax)
Calliope - California Dreamin'
Spokesmen - The Dawn of Correction
Rosa Lee Brooks - They're Coming to take me away haha
Cyrkle - Visit (She was here)
Cyrkle - interview
Cyrkle - Turn Down Day
Underdogs - Don't Pretend
Nickel Bag - She Walks in Beauty
Alice Cooper commercial
Sugar Creek - A Million Years
Ecology - Black Mark on the Sea
George Romanos - Life is a Dream
Snow - Song of the Sirens
Dick Domani & the Demons - I Won't Cry Anymore