Oct 31 2014

A FUN Halloween show featuring various types of music. But I will warn you to turn it down. For some reason it was recorded too loud. I don't know what happened because I asked several people who were listening live if they thought the show was distorted. I knew I had the levels right and it sounded fine in the studio as well. But when I got the show off the logger and replayed it , it was a bit distorted. I will try to rememdy the problem next week.

Also I am working on catching up to the archives. We are missing the last 20 shows or more and I will be posting them starting now but it takes a long time for each one ,. so bear with me.

Scott Hunter will be the new cohost and we haven't decided on a nickname for him yet. He will be with me this coming Friday night along with my daughter Kate, the clock fairy.
He cannot be replaced.

House of Frightenstein intro with Vincent Price and Billy Van
Round Robin ------I'm the Wolfman
Bobby "Boris" Pickett intro
The Sonics --------The Witch
Gene Moss---------I Want to bite your hand
The Du Ponts ------screamin' Ball
Bobby Please & the Pleasers -----The Monster
Alan Sherman -----My Son, the Vampire
Billy Lee Riley ----Nightmare Mash
Sonnyy Richard's Panics -------Voo Doo Walk
The House That Screamed
House by the Cemetary
Audience-------The House on the Hill
Milton the Monster
David Bowie-----Please Mr. Gravedigger
Gene Moss ------Little Black Bag
Barnes & Barnes -------Cemetary Girls
Fuzztones ----Ward 81
Alice Cooper -----Ballad of Dwight Fry
Merv Griffin -----The Screamin' Meemies From Planet X
Herman Munster --Beat Poet
Jayhawks -----Creaturre from outer space
October Country ------My Girlfriend is a Witch
Vincent Price ------Magic Candle to find Treasure
Thee Other Side ---Haunted House
Bobby Pickett & Peter Ferrara--------GodFather's Respect
Commander ---Watch the Skies
Jimmy Cross ----I Want My Baby Back
Crimson Shadows ===The vampire