Oct 27 2012

This show is right out of the shows we did in the 90's on Adventures in Plasticland, which started in 1984 and is still going today on this station. I left to go solo with my own show in 2002 at CKMS FM and stayed there till returning to CKWR FM in 2009. In the 90's I had a lot of discretionary money in which i spent thousands of dollars buying rare lps and cds that were reissues of extremely rare progressive rock bands. I beleive I was one of the first on the radio with this kind of music then because I was buying imported bootlegs that were not really on the market and paying 40 bucks a cd. A lot of these never really got issued til the late 90s on official labels. I started to buy them in 91 and spent heavily til about 98 or so. It was my pasion to dig this stuff up . But now a lot of you can get this stuff online so I guess I spent my retirement money for nothing. Oh well. It kept me doing what I loved . Anyways this show is from some of those cds which I used to play . And the order is just made up randomly as I felt- go with the flow.
The whole point of the show is to provide a late night feel with the intention of blowing your mind while you let your mind float downstream.

Birth Control - Light My Fire
Warhorse - Red Sea
Panna Fredda - La Paura (Fear)
Ashkan- Darkness
Sub - Gimme Some Lovin'
Three Man Army - Take Me Down From The Mountain
Atlantis Philharmonic - Woodsman
Werewolf - The Journey to the land of the Flying Pigs
Murphy Blend - Happiness
Blackwater Park - Indian Summer
Evolution - Dr. Vazquez
Writing on the Wall - Shadow of a Man
Bodkin - Three Days After Death
Cressida - summer Weekend of a Lifetime
Pete Sinfield - Can You Forgive A Fool?
Lift - Caverns

And of course all music is from the late 60's and early 70's like most of my shows