Halloween 2005

1.House of Frightenstein intro
2.Archie King- The Vampire
3.Bill Buchanan - Beware
4. Bobby Boris Pickett- Graveyard Shift
5. Oktober Country- My Girlfriend is a witch
6.Lollipop Shoppe- You must be a witch
7.Moving Sidewalks- Crimson Witch -sorry got cut off accidently
8.St. Thomas Pepper Smelter-Betty Broom at the witch's castle
9. Zacherle- Sinister Purpose
10. Rudy Martinez from Question Mark- Halloween rap
11. Question Mark & the Mysterians- Midnight Hour
12. Gravedigger V - Spooky
13. Billy Riley - Nightmare Mash
14. Jimmy Cross - I want my baby back
15. Ghost- When you're dead
16.Jason Crest- Black Mass
17.Black Pearl - White Devil
18.Coven - White Witch of Rose Hall