Oct 25 06

Taking care of a few requests and digging up lots of brand new stuff
from the 60's and early 70's that even I had never heard, including
one of my own lp's that sat in my basement for the past 35 yrs-LOL

Also a big Hello to Bob Segarini and his pals from the Canadian Classic
newsgroup! Notice I even snuck a Family Tree and Sugar Shoppe in
for you guys!

Pretty Things - Trippin'
Jimmy Vick - Take a Trip
If - I'm Reaching out on all sides
Evergreen Blues - Midnight Confessions
Family Tree - Birthday
Flower Children - Mini-skirt blues
Mod Squad
Light show
Fantastic Zoo - Light show
Herman's Hermits - For Your Love
Chris Dreja
Mod-est Lads - Trouser Load of Love
Messengers - Right On
Sugar Billy Garner - I got Some
Blues Image - Reality Does Not Inspire
Gass - Cold Light of Day
Fortunes - I Like It Like That
Broadway Maintenace Tickle Co. - Bet Your Sweet Bippy
After Tea - Got to get you in my garden
Boscoe - Money Won't Save You
Banzai - You always like an entree
Brosselmachine- Guittarenstruck
Didi Favreau - Rainbow Colors
F.J. McMahon - Spirit of the Golden Juice
Steam Kings - She's Not There
Sugar Shoppe - Save the Country
Ernest Tubb- Games People Play