Oct 22 2011

All but two of these songs have never been played on my show in all these years . Some of them I had
never heard before either. And they are all great! I included a few requests as well. An interesting
show! and for a joke I ended with one of my old country faves, George Jones! Hope you dig it!

Hunger - Mind Machine
Mouzakis - White horse
Traveller's Aid (formerly Torquays) - Harmonica Man
- Rock and Roll is Spoken Here
Eddie & the Showmen - Squad Car
Onion Radio News - Drug Czar Toppled
Turley Richards - I Feel Alright
Curtis Mayfield - Hard Times
Kenny Wayne & the Kammotions - A better Day's a comin
James Brown - I'll Go crazy
Bar- Kays - Feelin' Alright
McKendree Spring - Down By The River
Burnt Suite - Vindati Shanti
Ginger - He'll Talk To You
Christopher - Burn's decision
Mark Fry - Mandolin Man
Czar - Cecelia
Heaven - Things I should have been
Humble Pie - The Light
Grobschnitt - Travelling
Peter & Gordon - The Quest for the Holy Grail
If - Merlin the Magic Man
Colin Blunstone - Quartet; a Sign From Me To You
George Jones - If Drinkin' don't Kill Me