Oct 21 08

What a killer show! Unfortunately it stopped recording on me in the other studio so I only have about 40 minutes. But it was too good to pass up so I am puttin it up. I later repeat the Mudd track on a later show. because it is so good.

The Mourning Reign - Satisfaction Guaranteed (one of my all time faves)
-going out to the 60s Garage Girl- Slania
Mourning Reign - TAles of Brave Ulysses - a killer version
Movie Trailer - LonelyWoman - hope to meet her someday--LOL
Eyes of the Beacon St Union - Mystic Morning
Upside Dawne - Tell it like it is
On the outside looking in
Blues Project - Wake me Shake me
Flintstones - Winston cigarettes
Spooky Tooth - Evil Woman
Traffic promo
Mudd -Medicated Goo