Oct 18 06

Wow! We need more tracks like the first one. Check out Vigrass & Osborne.
A few other interesting psych folk discoveries at the end of the show.
Remeber now, I'm doing a 1 and a 1/2 hr format so we can expand our repertoire
a bit and get on a few longer tracks. Hope you enjoy. If you do, why not
email me at psychopete@rogers.com or phone the show on Wed nights
from 10:30 to 12. 519-884-CKMS. Just phone up to say "high" or get
a request on for next week.
For those of you who want to see my very first record review, go to the CKMS
website and click on the link on the left side- IN THE LOOP. My review is on the bottom of
of page 5. Its a review of Mark Eric's lp.

Vigrass & Osborne - Men of Learning
Zoot- The Freak
Zoot - Eleanor Rigby
Chesterfield Kings - Misty Lane
Sick Rose - I want Love
Davy Jones(Bowie)- Louie, Louie go home
The Antennas - Be Yourself
Sonny Dublin - Pygmy Grind Party
Johnny Adams - Spunky Onion
Barracudas - I wish it was 1965 again
Ace Tones - Riot on Sunset Strip
People of the Sunset Strip- Sunset Symphony
Gisha Brothers - Prisoner of the Beat
Kensington Market - Dorian
Churchills _ Sunshine Man
Watermelon Slim
Steppenwolf - Ball Crusher
Keef Hartley - Me & My Woman
Pink Fairies- Right On, Fight On
Sixto Rodriguez - Jane S. Piddy
Mark Levine - Miller's Crossing
Justin O'Brien - Easy Times