Oct 17 07

A departure from the norm for part of the show including some early rock & roll and some novelty records. I got some good responses from the live listeners. So check it out! Some extremely rare records here.
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Moe Kaufman- Swinging Shepherd Blues - musical bed
Larry Verne - Beatnik
Dale Wright & the Wright Guys - That's Showbiz
Dick Dale promo
Penny Candy - Rockin' Lady
Pete Wingfield - Scratchy 45's
Ahab & the Wailers - Neb's Tune
Mouse & the Boys - Excedrin Headache #69
Captain Billy's Whizzbang - Kaleidoscope
Claudine Longet - Good Day Sunshine
Kinks - Groovy Movies
Pink Floyd - Vegetable Man - mono45
Onion Radio News - Birthday Boy
Strange Flowers - Ghost in Your Room
Goose Creek Symphony - People Like Me, Going Down the Road
Peso Dollar & the Counterfeit Bills - Sixteen Miles
Brett Smiley - Va Va Va Voom
Brett - Young at Heart
Shuggie Otis - Strawberry Letter # 23
Johnny Kidd & the Pirates - Please Don't Touch
Painted Ship - And She Said Yes
Pete Best - Boys
Pete Best Promo
Bo Diddley - Say Man, Back Again
Erik & the Smoke Ponies - I'll Give You More
Neighbourhood Bakery - A Waste of Time
Blue Wood - Turn Around
J.D. Blackfoot - Who's Nuts Alfred?
Morning Dew - Sing Out