Oct 16 2010


Because we are basically a town of German heritage and we host Oktoberfest every year (Kitchener- Waterloo, Ontario , Canada), it was Juke Joint Johnny's idea that we should do a Krautrock Special. So stay tuned and get ready to trip out for the next 2 shows on Krautrock. Krautrock was basically a distinctive side to the progressive rock genre originating in Germany although many bands copied the fromat later. Well known groups were Kraftwerk, Can, Amon Duul, Ash Ra Temple etc. However I decided to play some different groups that had their own sound. Hope you enjoy !!!

Brainticket - Black Sand
Brainticket - Places of Light
Kin Ping Meh - Fairy Tales
Nektar - Tab in the Ocean
Satin Whale - Remember
Armageddon - Better by You , Better than Me
2066 and Then - Autumn
Cravinkel - The Garden of Loneliness
Lucifer's Friend - Baby, You're a Liar
Hound Dogs - Gloria
Spermuul - No Freak Out
Lightshine - Sword in the Sky
Holderlin - Traum
G.A. A. - Uranus