Oct 14 08

A couple of songs going out to Terry and Aitor plus a couple of seldom heard Canadian tunes, as well as a beautiful mix of good music--as usual --LOL

JethroTull - Nothing to Say
Los Chijuas - Mighty Quinn
Art - What's That Sound
Michel Pagliaro - Goodbye Rain
HarryNilsson - Groovy Little Suzie
American Breed - Cool It
Eyes of The Beacon St. Union - Green Destroys the Gold
Dorian Gray
The Echoe Band - Wild Mother
Blues Project - Cheryl's Going Home
Tommy Flanders - By the Mailbox We stood
David Wiffen - Never Make a Dollar That Way
Beauregard Ajax - Loneliness is a sometime thing
Dirt Gang
It's A Beautiful Day --The Grand Carmel Suite
Morning - I Don't Wanna Leave
H.P. Lovecraft - Wayfaring Stranger
Ultimate Spinach - Visions of your Reality
Blues Magoos concert promo
Blonde on Blonde - Castles in the Sky