()ct 11 06

My new time slot- Wednesdays 10:30 to midnight
Got some rave reviews on this show so listen up!

Jefferson Airplane - Wild Tyme
" -promo
" -Young Girl Sunday blues
Mark Eric - Night of the Lions
Lemon Drops - Talk to the Animals ( killer fuzz psych)
Liverpool Five- My Generation
Peter Case - radio spot
Arthur Brown - Devil's Grip
Nicholas Greenwood - Hopes & Ambitions
Novalis - High Evolution
Sameti - The useless appendix
Sahara - Dream Queen
Left Banke - Sing Little Bird Sing
Cliff Belcher - Psychofunkadelipus
Chango - Fire over Water
Ron Sexsmith - hello
Oda - Mabel
Pluto -Stealing My Thunder
Lee Hazelwood - She comes Running
Blind Ravage - Waiting for the world to get better
Les Sinners - Today , Tomorrow
Rolling Stones - Please Go Home
Dream Theatre - Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight
The Paper Train - Brother