Oct 10 2007

A Psychedelic Treat!!! Lots of interesting psych stuff tonight !
Unfortunatley the microphones in the studio have been deteriorating lately- too bassy- no highs -so turn it up when I talk

MAN - Sudden Life
Heavy Jelly - I Keep Singing That Same Old Song
Art - Supernatural Fairytales
Misunderstood - I Can Take You To the Sun
Nucleus - Me and the Spidery Bass
Satin Whale - Remember me
Spirit - Dark-Eyed Woman
Spirit- Clear lp promo
Kak -Rain
Sopwith Camel - Cellophane Woman
Daily Flash -Queen Jane
Ian Paice - promo
Ron Elliot - All Time Green
Moby Grape promo- truly Fine Citizen lp
Moby Grape - He
Pearls Before swine -Wizard of Is
Steel Mill -Turn the Page Over
Nico - Little Sister
Love - Your Mind and We Belong Together
Sparrow - Isn't It Strange?
Dr. Strangely Strange -Strangely Strange But Oddly Normal
Steamhammer - Passing Through
Brett Smiley - I Want to Hold your Hand