Oct 3 07

Hey It's My 32nd Anniversary! So I make light of it here. LOL
A couple of new promos for you all in this show- exciting to get these!
Lots of musical variety in this show, so start up your purple paisley cloud and get floating real high!

Avengers - Be a Caveman
Us Too - girl with the Golden hair-for my wife Debbie
Pretty Things - Hey mama keep your big mouth shut
Doug Rhodes from the Music Machine, Millenium , Sagittarius etc.
Music Machine - Talk Talk
She Devils- maneaters on wheels - LOL
Glen Glenn - One cup of coffee and a cigarette -( my kind of song)
Chris Hodge - We're on our Way
Glen Athens & the Trojans - Let me Show You
Buddy & Julie Miller - You Make My Heart Beat too Fast- for Bob Lefsetz
Treelors Drive in
Dick Dale Promo
Dick Dale & the Del-Tones - Let's Go Trippin'
Sam the Sham & the Pharoahs - Monkey See, Monkey Do
32nd Turnoff - Used to be a Tiger
Alzo & Udine - You Know Me , I Know You
Aztec Two Step - Prisoner
Cat Stevens - Hard Headed Woman
Neil Young - I Believe in You
Satin Whale - I Often Wondered
Egg - McGillicuddy the Pusillanimous
Ginhouse - And I Love Her
Colin BLumstone - I've Always Had You
Colin- How Could We Dare To Be Wrong