Nov 25 08

Hey I just got up the past 7 shows that were missing, from Oct 21 on also including Sept 23. Check them out. Sorry for the delay. Also look for the Psychedelic Psnack Pspots coming soon around Christmas. These are the clips I do for Oldies 1090. Well I am back! You can't go wrong with this show! I really dug listening to it again! And for you prog rock fans there are a few rarities!

Thunderclap Newman - Something in the Air
HarveyAverne Dozen - Dynamite
BLues Image - Parchman Farm
Albert King - Down Don't Bother Me
Soxx Spotlight - BLue Things - Orange Rooftop of Your Mind
Beatles - Glass Onion
Brian Matthew - mindblowing sounds
Plastic CLoud - Art's a Happy Man
Troggs - Give It to Me
June 07 morning show on AM1090- Lulu & the Luvvers- SHout
Frijid Pink - House of the Rising Sun
The Flame - See the Light
Jack in the Box restaurant
Rolling Stones - Love in Vain
Bob Dylan - Odds & Ends
Our Generation - Hello Friends
Propinquity - You Don't Have to Hurry
- Miles Before Sleeping
Shlomo Gronich - I am Disgusted By the World
Viola Crayola - Bus to New York
Second Hand - World Will End Yesterday
Turtles - Come Over
Cochise - Moment and the End