Nov 24 2005

A 2 hr show . The first 45 minutes features Magick, a hip hop DJ from
the Wax Jungle mixing my psychedelic tunes in an experimental fashion.
I was quite amazed watching him recreate the tunes on the fly. It was
like he was a musician jamming to the songs. AT times he had 2 different
songs blending with each other as well.

1.Soul Searchers - Blow your whistle
2.Fever Tree - Where do you go?
3.Liquid Sound Company - Let the incense drift
4.Animals - Winds of change
5. The Purple Sun - Doomsday
6. Jeff St. John's Copperwine- Cloud nine
7.Freeman Sounds & Friends- 16 tons
this was the end of the experiment
8. Lemon Pipers - 50 yr void
9.Jenghis Khan - The Lighter
10.intro to regular part of the show
11. Alan Freed mix
12. Link Wray - Hidden Charms
13.James Knight and the Butlers- Save me
14. Gasoline Powered Clock - Forest Fire on Main Street
15.The Peacepipe - The Sun wont shine forever
16. Rochelle Rosenthal & th eKickbacks - Lottery
17. Tuneful Trolley - My Apple Pie
18. Hellions - Daydreaming of you
19. Alan Dean & His Problems -Thunder and Rain
20. Serendipity Singers - Beans in my Ears
21. Them - Young Woman
22. Them - she put a hex on you
23. The Searchers- Crazy Dreams
24. William Shattner - I am a Canadian
25. The Groupies - I'm a Hog for You Baby
26. Sailcat - Motorcycle Mama
27. Sound Extraction - I Feel Like Crying
28. Lone Star - She's Not There

Hope you liked the show!!! You can listen online live every week
by going to the CKMS website and clicking on the m3u file,
every Thursday normally 9 to 10 pm E.S.T.