Nov 22 06

Lots of rare Canadian stuff including a never before played Guess Who 45
Thanks to Rick, Sunshine and of course , Mike and Anja Stax for some of the material
for this show. And thanks to Alex and Brian from Garage Grooves on CFUV for making me dig up
that Guess Who 45- they played it on their show a couple weeks ago

*denotes Canadian content

Pig Iron - People Gonna Talk
B.T.& the Aztecs - Captain Straightman
Booker T. & the M.G.'s - I can dig it
Bobby Jameson - Gotta find my Roogalator
Movie Trailer - Sacrifice
Outsiders - I would love you (cut it off because it was distorted in the studio but soundsfine here)
Mortimer - Dedicated Music Man
Monkees promo - Ditty Diego
Monkees - I'm not your Stepping Stone
Mustangs -That's for sure
Loons - Sweet turns to Sour
Chesterfield Kings - I'll Go
MC5 - Over and Over
Jimmy Page promo
Heavy Joker -Supermouth
Chambers Brothers promo
Chambers bros - All Strung Out Over You
*A Passing Fancy - Your Trip
*Gnu - Hangman
*Willie & the Walkers- Baby Do You Need Me
*Guess Who - Two Wheeled Freedom Honda Spot
*Guess WHo-Baby Feeling
*Guess Who 45 B side- Guess Who Blues
*Robert E. Lee Brigade -Cycles
*Innovation - Dream Society of Love
Tongue - Morning Dew
The Eighth Day -Building With A Steeple
Manfred Mann - Every day Anothe Hair Turns Gray
*Plastic Cloud - You Don't Care

Wow- I turned the levels up high - show sounds great but there is the odd
spot where the show clips a bit