Nov 19 2010

British Psychedelc Pop Special--aka PsychPop or PopSike

If you liked the Toytown Special I did a couple of years ago, this show is basically the same thing but featuring more obscure
bands than that one. If you liked Jeff Lynne's Idle Race and other Beatlesque bands of that period you will like this
show. It's mostly from two compilations by Bevis Frond called Fairy Tales Can Come True and vol 2 was called Fairy Cakes For Tea.

San Francisco Earthquake- Fairy tales can come true
Mik Quinn & the Bread Crumbs - Fairy cakes for tea
Chuckles - I thought you thought
Dave Andrews & the Sugar- I'm on my way
Factotums - Driftwood
Foresters -Mr Smith
Barry Benson - Cousin Jane
Brian Connell - Just Another Wedding Day
Darlings - Saturday Town
Oliver Norman - People People ( a Cat Stevens song that he never recorded)
Peter - Values
I Feel Like Going Out
Rescue Co No. 1 - Gotta Find You
Roek's Family - Never an Everyday Thing
Turquoise - Saynia
Gallagher & Lyle -Trees
Grisby Duke -Mary Ann She
Hedgehopper's Anonymous - Daytime
Los Bravos -Bring a little lovin'
Peppermint Circus -Keeping my head above water
Promise - 9 to 5
14 - Umbrella
Katch 22 - Pumpkin Mini
Guards -Fantastic Fair
Lloyd Banks - Look out Girl -a PF Sloan song
The Roulettes - Help me to help myself
The Searchers - Umbrella Man --one of my faves!
Sasparella - Spooky
Scott Henderson - Saturday Night People
Starlites- Good Morning Mr. Milkman
The Bats -Listen to my heart
The Crackers -Honey Do - a must hear
the Lomax Alliance - See the People --feat Jackie Lomax
The Pyramid -The summer of last year
Dave Christie- Penelope Breedlove