Nov 17 08

A lot of great tunes here- kind of a review from the past year- short enough to put on a cd if you want-just download it .

Paupers - Magic People
Socrates - Something in the Air
Pacific Gas & Electric - Long Handled Shovel
Group Image - Banana Split
Pete Kelly Blues Band - All I Needed Was Time
Perth CountyConspiracy - Epistle to a Borderliner
Pretty Things - Can't Stand the Pain
Orphan Egg - Mourning Electra
James Gang - Ashes, the Rain and I
Zig Zag People - Yummy Yummy
Ken Nordine - Burgundy
The Gants - I Wonder
Phantasia - I must have you
Teenage Head - Picture My Face
British Modbeats - L.S.D.
Morning Dew - Then Came the Light
Blue Cheer - I"m the light
Hudson Bros. Long long day
Beat Farmers- Happy Boy