Nov 15 06

Well judging by all the comments and my own opinion, this is definitely
one of my best shows. Lots of exciting rare stuff and a good mix of
musical styles. Including the debut of 2 tracks from the Rising Sun, a
rare Canadian group, which nobody seems to have. Thanks to Rick from
Calgary for that!

*all music heard on this show is from 63 to 71

Lemon Dips- I am the Man
Every Mother's Son - Allsion Dozer
Rising Sun - Love-i-tis
Rising Sun - Do Something to Me
Hollies - I am a Rock
Senator Bobby- 96 tears
Slaves - Never Free
White Light- What is this?
Frumious Bandersnatch - Hearts to Cry
John Prine spot
Terry Randall - S.O.S.
It's All Meat - Roll My own
Utica Club commercial
Tuneful Trolley - Sunny days
Colin Scot - My Rain
Laurelie - Sad Stone
Dear Mr. Time - Make your Peace
Serenity - Shell
Mrs. Miller - Green Tambourine
Kim Fowley - Outrageous promo
Kim Fowley - Bubble Gum
Simtec & Wylie - Bootleggin'