Nov 12 2010

We start off with a request to play something by the British Band , The Birds which featured a young Ronnie Wood. So I
embellished it a little by offering 4 songs by him including his new one. From there it just goes into some very interesting
rarities including a demo by the Millennium which featured Michael Fennelly and Doug Rhodes as well as Curt
Boettcher. I don't think this demo is available anywhere on disc. It's a great tune called Good People. I borrowed it off of
Michael's Facebook page. Check it out. Another interesting find is the Julius Victor and the original Iron Maiden- not the
metal band of the 80's. As well you will want to hear the Spirit track- Taurus- that inspired Stairway to Heaven!!!

Ron Wood - Why You Wanna go and do a thing like that for?
The Birds - Say those Magic words
The Creation- The girls are naked
Ron Wood - Am I Groovin' You
Mott the Hoople -At the Crossroads
The Byrds -Wasn't Born to Follow
Country Joe & the Fish - Waltzing in the Moonlight
John Mayall - Long Gone Midnight
Spirit - Taurus
The Millennium - Good People
Everley Brothers- Man with Money
The Laurels -Rainmaker
Julius Victor- Stubborn Kind of Woman
Iron Maiden - Falling
Jefferson Airplane- Good Shepherd
Gentle Giant- Working All Day
Buddy Miles -Let Your LoveLight Shine
Eric Burdon - A Girl named Sandoz
Electric Prunes - Kyrie Eleison
Paul Butterfield -Love Disease
Jimmy Page & Sonny Boy Williamson - She's so Dumb
Pesky Gee - Born to be Wild
Peter Lee Stirling - 8:35 on the dot
Davey Sands & the Essex - Advertising Girl
White Witch - We'll All Ride High
Marshmallow Soup Group - I Love Candy
The Doors - End of the Night