Nov 10 2005

1. New Promo from the Mod-est Lads
2.Mod-est Lads - Trouser Load of Love
3. Sputnik Spy from Outer Space
4.Loons - Follow the Rain Down-(feat Mike Stax)
5.Acid intro
6.Stu Mitchell -Acid
7.Flower Power-You make me fly
8. light show commercial
9. Fantastic Zoo- Lightshow
10.Guess Who - We're coming to Dinner
11.Troggs- Miller beer, Jenny come Down
12. Paul Butterfield - Just to be with you
13. Bobby Byrd-I need help-cant do it alone
15. King Coleman - Do the Boog a lu
16. color foam party
17. Big Town Boys -Put you down
18.The Carnabeats - When I was young
19.Spur - Mind Odyssey
20. Sagittarius - The truth is not real
21. Alzo & Udine- Rain (de rain)