Nov 8 06

This is a special show because it is the first anniversary of the tragic death
of my buddy Kenton Carnegie, who was killed by wolves last year on a student
work term. He was training with me to do a psychedelic show similar to mine.
So the last half hour or so is a special set dedicated to his memory. Also
mentioned is the passing of Art Wood from the Artwoods, older brother of
Ronnie Wood.
It's a good thing I still do a backup recording at home because the studio recording
cut out for some reason about half way through the show. So this show isnt quite
up to the sound quality of the past several shows, but still good.
Oh, you can visit Kenton's website at:

New Juggler Sound -Glue
Tol-Puddle Martyrs -Social Cell
Balloonatics - T.V. Man
Kwyet Kings - I said yeah
Thanes of Cawdor -Won't you come girl
Ronnie Hawkins - 19 yrs old
Nocturnals - Mustang Sally
Shockers -Don't bring me down
Friends of Distinction - Love Shack
Jim Brown
Busey's Soulbenders -Soul Power pt 2
Rare Earth - Big John is my name
Pastor John - Search it out
Bit a Sweet - How can I make you see
Bachdenkel - An Appointment with the Master
Donovan- Sand and Foam
Kenton --on my show June 9 05
Motherlode -Help me find peace of mind
Plastic Cloud - Epistle to Paradise
Cat Stevens -Father and Son
Johnny Cash -In My Life
Nick Drake - Time Has Told Me
Artwoods -I take what I want
Artwoods - Goodbye Sisters
Rare Earth - Nice to be with You