Nov 5 2010

San Francisco Psychedelic Scene in the 60's

There is no doubt that the West Coast Scene was the hub of Psychedelia and San Francisco
was the place to go if you wanted to see and hear these bands
playing at either the Fillmore or Avalon Ballroom.
Haight- Ashbury was the epicentre for hippies and the summer of love.
Tonight's show features a few highlights of the era including 2 album sides
by the Grateful Dead and Quicksilver Messenger Service.

Eric Burdon & the Animals - San Franciscan Nights
Scott MacKenzie - San Francisco
Syndicate of Sound - Little Girl
Count Five - Psychotic Reaction
Mourning Reign - Satisfaction Guaranteed
Brogues- I Ain't no Miracle Worker
Quicksilver - Who Do You Love Suite-
-Who Do You Love Pt 1
-When You Love
-Where You Love
-How You Love
-Which Do You Love
-Who Do You Love Pt 2
Big Brother & the Holding Company - Ball and Chain
Country Joe & the Fish - Eastern Jam
Fever Tree - San Francisco Girls (Return of the Native)
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Gloomy
Jefferson Airplane- Plastic Fantastic Lover
Grateful Dead - Darik Star - whole version off of the Live Dead lp
Chocolate Watchband- Are You Gonna Be There ( At the Love-In)
Moby Grape - Come in the Morning
Cold Blood - Understanding
Quicksilver - Happy Trail