May 28 08

Hey a great show with lots of deeply buried songs that I dug up

Mutzie - Highway
Easybeats - Do You Have a Soul?
Easybeats - Come in you'll get pneumonia
Boston Tea Party - we Have Already Died
Blues Project- Frank'n' curt- incensed
Dion - I Used to be a Brooklyn Dodger - requested by Cuppy
Fugs promo
Fugs - Bum's Song
Bermuda Triangle - Night Train
Bullet - Little Bit O' Soul
Lally Stott - Chirpy chirpy Cheep Cheep
Cleveland Crandall - Please Don't Touch My Body
Complex - Live for the Minute
Elton John - Spirit in the Sky
Don Covay & the Goodtimers - Mercy, Mercy
Dennis Coffey - Big City Funk
Grodeck Whipperjenny- Don't Mind
Hall & Oates - When the Morning Comes
Liquorice John Death- High School Confidential
Peggy Leg- Think For Yourself
Mint Tattoo - Sister Bleu
Bow St. Runners - American Talking Blues
Rolf Harris- MacLean's Toothpaste
Tony Dangerfield & the Thrills - She's Too Way Out