May 25 06

Loadstone - See the Light
excerpt from Dave Diamond -KBLA 1967
Helpful Soul - You Got Me Floating
Sleepy Hollow - Sincerely Yours
Davy Jones and the King Bees - Liza Jane
Boyce & Hart - Coke spot
Boyce & Hart - Thanks for Sunday
The Id - The Rake
Skydog - Luck in your life
Onion News
Freddie & the Dreamers- Sea Side movie promo
Sonic Invasion -Go out and get her
Doomsday Machine -Ain't Nobody Else
Last Ritual - Delighted , Strung out and 25
Firesign Theatre- Bob Dylan commercial
Bob Dylan - Phantom Engineer
Shiver - Leave this man alone
Andy Kim promo
Andy Kim-Rainbow Ride