May 23 2007

A wild and crazy show- me at my worst- which means its usually a good show!
I was flying by the seat of may pants not having a clue what I took up to the station
or where I was going with it. I had just cleared out 2 tons of wood out of my back yard and then went to play baseball on a very hot day. This meant tons of beers
all day and night. LOL Plus we had a few problems in the studio which had to be worked out and also the phones were crazy. So lots of distractions!
But as usual I seem to operate better under adversity. Got a few emails by the time I got home,
rating the show a **** .

Modest Lads - Trouser Load of Love
Bad Seeds- A Taste of the Same
Haymarket Riot - Trip on Out
Flock - Store Bought - Store Thought
a minute of silence to honour my death-lol--basically total mayhem in the studio
Glass Candle - Light the Glass Candle
a brutal set of British bubblegum:
Tremeloes - My Little Lady
- Sunshine Games
Nevada sound - gimme Gimme Good Lovin
The Smoke - Girl in the Park
Real McCoy - Quick Joey Small
Looking Glasses - Visions
Who - Armenia City in the Sky
- Mary Ann with the shaky hands
Fairies - Anytime at all
Rod Stewart - Good Morning Little School Girl
Diamond Mine - Higher Elevation
Fading Dream - My Father's Name is Dad
Teddy & Patches - Suzy Creamcheese
Vejetables - Good Things are happening
Crystal Chandelier- Suicidal Flowers
William Penn V - Swami
Sleepeaters - The Last Mile
Guess Who - I found Her in a Star