May 13 2011

An unusual show where we start off with a bunch of instrumentals. People keep asking for instrumentals ;
a genre which doesn't get played much anymore. So I dug up some rare ones for ya all.
Then we hit the soul funk scene for a while before going on with a mess of cover tunes and such. Hope you dig it.
Turn it up loud because it seems my recording was lower than usual

18 Karat Gold - Gold Rush
SuperSister - Missing Link
Sound Sixty Six - The Bouncer
La Kabala - El Cumbanchero
Velvet Fogg - Owed to the Dip
UFO - Silver Bird
Thunder Company - Ridin' on the Gravy Train
Electric Frankenstein - The Land of the Magic Wizard
Sweet Toothe - Karen
Sonny Rydell - Soul 100 Pts 1 & 2
Shirlean Williams - Ease It To Me
Saleen O'Clark - Stimulation
Russell Evans - Send Me Some Cornbread
Lord Luther - Can't Stand To See A Grown Man Cry
Lord Luther with The Four Deuces - WPLJ
So On and So Forth - Steppin' Stone
Barley Bree - Sometime In the Morning
The Quiet Jungle - A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
The Gants - Try Too Hard
Graham Gouldman - Bus Stop
Ides of March - Sha- La - La- La - Lee
Inside Looking Out - So Sad About Us
The Force - Feeling Better
Nozmo King - Do Anything
Inkase - Love Or Confusion
Radio Birdman - TV Eye
Spindrift - The West
Carriage Company - In Your Room
Castle Farm - Hot Rod Queen
The Pebbles - Half - Past Dead