May 11 06

I put a lot of time and effort planning this show but unfortunately
the recording has a hiss in it. This will be fixed again next week.
However feel free to check out some good stuff. I left some pre banter
from the show before me just cause I think they're funny, and it gives
the online listener a chance to hear what the station is like, normally.
Next week is plege drive week. If any of you feel compelled to give, we are
a non profit radio station and need money for a new antenna which got hit
by a truck.

1. The Marauders - Dr. Feelgood
2.The Fortunes - She's sure the girl I love
3.The Dennisons - Devoted to You
4.Fireballs - Groovy Motions
5.Parameter - Galactic Ramble
6.Nashville Teens -All Along the Watchtower
7. Pan & Regaliz - One More Day
8.The Joint - Dinosaur Dream
9. The Cowsills - Prophecy of Daniel and John
10 Twin Engine - Give my Love a Chance
11. Ellison - Untruth Story
12.Banana Splits - Don't go away GO go Girl
13.Bill Cosby -Funky North Philadelphia
14. Boys Next Door - Suddenly She was Gone
15. Abstract Sound -I'm Trying
16Electric Toilet - Mississippi Hippy
17. AUM - You can't Hide