May 9 07

Hi folks ! Look for a new feature called the Psychedelic Snack heard every Friday morning on CKKW Oldies 1090 AM at 7:35 a.m.
I will be archiving these 10 minute clips every week here on the website. The first show I just did featuring Paul Revere's version of Satisfaction. Also there is a trivia feature where callers can try to stump me. The first caller John had a very intriguing question. I was very impressed with the knowledge of Oldies listeners.

On this show below we have a lot of ultra rarities for you with a wide range of sounds, so check it out!

McCully Workshop Inc. -Head for the Moon
Fairytale - Lovely People
Zig Zag People - Simple Simon Says
Yuyu Uchida & the Flowers - Combination of the Two
Victoria - Peace
Iron Butterfly - Gentle as it may seem- oops - played this by mistake- was on last week
Jarvis St. Revue - 20 years
Chimo - In the Sea
Souls of Inspiration - Dil Kusha (Heart's Happiness) - from Red Lake Ont.
Fallling Leaves - Beggar's Parade
Cat Stevens - Heaven Where True Love Goes
James Brown - Tell me what you gonna do
Bostweeds - Little Bad News
Odds & Ends - (Cause ) You Don't Love Me
Road Runners - Goodbye
Avengers - I Told You So
Grains of Sand - She Needs me
The Starlets - You Don't Love Me
The Mongrels - Good Good Man Willie Loman
Yesternight - All You Can Get
The Movement- Riding on a Sunday
Year One - Now You're In The Puzzle
John Fred & His Playboy Band - Who Could Love You (More Than I)
James & the Good Brothers - Talk About the Good Times
The Donnas - You Don't Wanna Call Me No More
Peter Sellers - She Loves You ( Cockney version)
People - I Love you
Dennis Wilson - Sound of Free