May 7 2008

Just a load of mostly very rare psych bands - listen up!
Oh and a few old commercials which are a blast- already had a comment from a live listener from Winnipeg about them. She loved them.

Dukes of Stratospear - 25 O'clock
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - A Child's Guide to Good And Evil
The Frederic - Morning Sunshine
Darius - I feel the Need to Carry On
Question Mark & the Mysterians - 10 O'clock
Syd Barrett - Lucy Leave
Amon Duul II - Expressionidiom
Chappaqua movie commercial feat Fugs , Ravi Shankar
Wimple Winch - Pumpkin Pie
J C Heavy - Is This Really Me?
Goths - Out of the Sun
Kiss Inc. - Hey Mr. Holy Man
Gee Bros. - Let Me Find the Sun
Sears Record Spot
Iron Butterfly- Slower Than Guns
Greenwood , Curlee & Thompson - Little Willy
Nashville Teens - Ex Kay One Lx
Sooner Or Later - Night Time
The Ones - Lady Greengrass
Perpetual Motion Workshop - Won't Come Down
Wild Root Hair Goo feat Bobby Shumer
Human Expression - Optical Sound
Scorpio Tube - Yellow Listen
Purple Image - What You Do To Me
Raindeer Army - Subteranean sunset
Mourning Dayze - Fly My Paper Airplane
Ian Paice from Deep Purple
Tills - One - Sided Love