May 06 2011

Hey it is Juke Box Johnny's birthday today so we play him the George Harrison tribute to John Lennon, and I
treated him to some Pepi's Pizza after the show . very late night snack. LOL

So tonight I finally got around to doing some Rolling Stones cover songs which has been long requested and I
chose rare tracks that I thought even Dan Graham , a huge Stones collector , might not have heard.
As well I picked out some great tunes and filled a couple more requests. So lay back and enjoy!!
Don't forget to email me if there is something you want to hear. As well you can call the show live on Sat am if youre up
between Fri midnight and 2 am. the number is 519- 886- 9878. and you can listen live on the CKWR 98.5 link.

Parliament - Come in out of the rain
George Harrison - It's Johnny's Birthday
- Plug Me In
SRC - Black Sheep
- A New Crusader
Gilgamesh - Not Wothstanding
Blast Furnace - Man Bites Dog
Georgie Fame - Parchman Farm
organ ad
Billy Harner - Sally Saying Something
Trick Baby ad
Gary Lewis - Neighbourhood Rock & Roll Band

Rolling Stones Covers

The Road Runners - 2120 South Michigan ave.
Unknown group - Have You Seen Your Mother Baby (Standing in the Shadows)
The Underdogs - Surprise, Surprise
an attempt to explain how the garage sound started
L'Equipe 84 - Time is on my side
Nicky Scott - Back street Girl
Mac Rybell - The Lantern
Mojo Blues - Lady Jane
Los Checkmates - Ruby Tuesday
Bobby Jameson - Each and Every Day
Deep Six - Paint It Black
Questors - Little Red Rooster
Bootmen - Off the Hook

Donovan - West Indian Lady
Chris Thompson - London Blues
Gary Higgins - Lokking For June
James Bell & the Turner Bros - Funky Buzzard
Stride & Plain - Laugh At Me
Ohio Express - Down at Lulu's
Donnas - Please Don't Tease
Bread and Beer Band - Quick Joey Small
Dictators - Channel Surfing