Mar 9 09

All Canadian Rarities show. Check out the last 5 songs especially. They were all new to me and all excellent! Also thanks to Garage Grooves from CFUV for the funny clip. It is hilarious!

Ugly Ducklings - Gaslight
Plastic Cloud - Epistle to Paradise
Organ Donor - courtesy of Garage Grooves
John Prine promo
Big Bob and the Dollars - Gordie Howe - in memory of Colleen Howe
Andy Kim promo
Andy Kim - Sunshine
Guess Who - two wheeled freedom on a Honda
Guess Who - Shadows Cross The Shadows
Guess Who -Psych Psnack
Guess Who -Clock On The Wall
Guess Who - When Friends Fall Out - orig single 68
Terence - Rag --really Terry Black who did Unless You Care in 65- not Terry Stafford who did suspicion- my mistake on air
Eyes of Dawn - Time to be Going - sorry - cd was skipping- a great tune otherwise but soounds like crap here
Factree - Kaleidoscope
Scene - Scenes
Mother Tuckers Yellow Duck - Somebody Think
Copper Penny - You're Still The One
Three's A Crowd - Let's Get Together
Three's a Crowd - promo
Levon & the Hawks - Stones That I Throw
promo for Band and Dead
It's All Meat - Sunday Love
Churls - Crystal Palace
Central Nervous system - Comin to get ya
B.N.A. Act - See How Free
Cat - Light of Love
Esquires - Why Should I Care
Fear Itself - The letter -( feat Ellen McIlwaine)
Canada - I Don't Believe