Mar 31 07

A 2 Hour show featuring all Garage, Psych and Freakbeat! For all you connoiseurs!

Crimson Shadows- You Cant come Down
Charms - Action
Blues Magoos - There's A Chance We Can Make It
Crazy Elephant - Sunshine , Red Wine
66 Barracuda
Bad Seeds - A Taste of the Same
Carrol's Mood - What Your Doing to Me
In- Be-tweens - Girl , I Am Your Evil Witchman
Loos Foos & The Fibreglass Cornflake - Bless Me Father
Wimple Winch - Save My Soul
Knight's Bridge - Make Me Some Love
Living Eye Club
Paul Ritchie & The Cryan Shames - Come On Back
Tomorrow - My White Bicycle
Tuneful Trolley - Hello Love
Dusty Greyrock- Tears in my Heart
Floyd Dakil - Bad Boy
Cicadelics - We're Gonna Love This Way
Tapestry Garden - She Needs Love
Traits - Parchman Farm
Rainy Daze - Fe Fi Fo Fum (Blood of Oblivion)
Soul Inc. - Love Me When I'm Down
Primitives- Cara-Lin
Primitives - Help Me
John Doe & the Acetates - Purple Haze
The Aliens - Season of the Witch
The Red Squares - You Can Be My Baby
Nightriders - With Friends Like You, Who Needs Friends
-a dedication to my good buddys Ramtown Mike and Hi -Fi Tim!
The Novas - The Crusher
The Trip
The Lovechain- Step Out of Your Window You Can Fly
Don Malena & the Dry Ice - Land of Summertime
Les Chancelliers - La Generation d'aujourd'hui
Dirtbombs - I Can't Stop Thinking about It
Don & the Goodtimes - Long Green
Better Sweet - Like the Flowers
Davy Jr. - Party at Joe Craig's Bar
Triptamynds - Signed D.C. + some bonus track at the end