March 26 2008

Just got a bunch of cd's in the mail from the Fresh Music record label in South Africa!!! Thank you Benjy Mudie!! Also thanks to Gyro for his Bustin Rocks comp. ALthough I had a lot of the tunes already it was a nice mix of tunes.
So tonight it is strictly 60's garage and South African psychedelic music from 68-72. ENJOY!!!!
Fabulous Stuff!!!!
Wait till you hear the band called African Day doing a BEATLES cover!! UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!!!

And special thanks to Mike Stax, the KING of GARAGE, for putting Benjy in touch with me. Glad you thought of me, Mike!!
Check out Mike's magazine and website - just google Ugly Things

and here is the website for Fresh Music

Abstract Truth - Pollution
Five Hungry Men - Bustin' Rocks
Dicky Treadway - You Can't Believe Me
Dicky Treadway - One to Ten
Chessmen - You Can't Catch Me
Spectres - Psychedelic Situation
Abstract Truth - Silver Trees
Freedom's Children - He Came From Hazareth
African Day - Kissed By The Sun
African Day - Here Comes the Sun
The Rumours - Without Her ~~one of my faves~~
The Search - Please Mr. Custer
The Catalinas - Talkin Bout You Now
Dr. Pepper with Dick Clark
Underground Balloon Corps - Heart Made of Soul
McCully Workshopo - Birds Flying High
The Flames - You Keep Me Hangin' On
John and Phillipa Cooper - The Mad Professor
The Idiots - Magic Dragon
Bryan Millar's Destruction - Blue Machines and Dreams