Mar 23 09

Tonight's show features more commentary than usual on a few bands. Tell me if you like the format. I just thought I would try something a little different. Also check out my rant on the film "Once".

Gold - Conquistadores
Leafhound - Freelance Friend
Lectric Music Revolution - Lectric Music Revolution
Last Straw - Terence
Lemon Pipers -Looking through You
-Stragling Behind
-Blueberry Blue
Gordian Knot - Strong Wind Blowing
- Broken Down ole Merry Go Round
Glass Harp -Southbound
Donovan - Hi It's been A long Time
Gentrys - Why Should I Cry
James Brown - I Got that Feeling
Graham Bond - Walking in the Park
Grand Funk -Country Road
Changin' Times - How Is the Air Up There
Jade - Prelude Willows End
rant about the film Once